Heavy Equipment Rental

Heavy Equipment Rentals

At Thompson Tractor, we understand purchasing a piece of heavy equipment is not always the best option for a business, especially if you only need a machine on a temporary basis. Thompson's Heavy Rents department is committed to fulfilling your short-term as well as permanent heavy construction equipment needs. That’s why we offer a wide assortment of heavy machines for rent. Our long term rental, lease, and rent-to-buy programs have been developed to fit the needs of business owners who demand flexibility, original thinking and creative solutions.

For more information, contact:

Northern Region- Kirk Kelly / (256) 532-1776 /  kirkkelly@thompsontractor.com

Central Region- Bill Warr / (205) 849-4220 / billwarr@thompsontractor.com

Southern Region- Skip Plumlee / (334) 215-5227 / skipplumlee@thompsontractor.com

Gulf Region- Tobie Sheils / (251) 621-6000 / tobiesheils@thompsontractor.com


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